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Your support will help give children and young adults

who suffered abuse and neglect a brighter future. 

When You Support a Child:

  • You will receive a video about the child, including a description about the child’s background, education/career goal, current circumstances and photographs.   

  • Updates will be provided every two months about how your child is progressing.  These may include photos, a video message from the child, and relevant information about how your child is doing.   

  • If you are interested, you will be able to send letters or photos to your child through BTCTE. 

  • You will feel the gratification of knowing you’re making a true difference! 


A Supported Child Receives:

  • Financial support to successfully achieve an education and a career   

  • School fees, housing/boarding costs, uniforms, food, toiletries, school supplies, etc. 

  • Food for families who have sponsored children living at home  

  • Periodic visits by our field officers to check on our children’s welfare.  Our holistic and proactive approach includes monitoring our students’ physical and emotional health as well as their academic or vocational performance.  This way problems can be identified and addressed to keep our students on track. 

  • Self-esteem that comes with growing skills.

  • Emotional support and comfort that comes from knowing that someone cares about their well-being.   

Support Levels


Bronze Level

($30 a month)  

For just $1 per day (the price of a McDonalds cup of coffee), you can cover a child’s tuition or apprenticeship fee.


Silver Level

($60 a month)

For $2 per day (the price of a Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee), you can cover a child’s tuition/apprenticeship fee, school or apprenticeship supplies, and housing.  


Gold Level

($120 a month) 

For $4 per day (the price of a latte at Starbucks), you can cover a child’s tuition/apprenticeship fee, school or apprenticeship supplies, housing costs and provisions.


Platinum Level

($250 a month)

For $8 per day, this generous donation helps fund our major operations, such as our field officers’ salaries and their travel to check on our beneficiaries who reside in various regions of the country.

Meet Some of Our Beneficiaries


Emmanuel, age 17, is one of six children.  After the death of his father, his mother struggled to support the family and sold Emmanuel to a fisherman.  Starting at the age of 8, he suffered physical and verbal abuse for 5 years.  Following his rescue in 2017, he was placed with a foster family because his mother had become an alcoholic.  The foster family proved problematic so BTCTE placed him in a boarding school 2 years ago. Emmanuel’s dream is to be a doctor.  With the impressive rank as number two in his grade at his rigorous boarding school, you can help make this dream come true.


Jacob is an 11 year old boy with a magnetic personality.  His face lights up when you see him and he has a lot to say.  This may be why he would like to be a lawyer one day.  Jacob is part of a large family raised by a single mother.  He lives at home and goes to a local junior high school. BTCTE supports him by paying his school fees, providing him with uniforms and books, and providing him with money for food. 


Lizzie is a 27 year old university student studying to be a teacher.  In the picture, she is showing Evan and a BTCTE field officer a recording of a recent lesson she taught.  In addition to her student teaching, she is running for office for her university’s student government. Lizzie was orphaned at a young age and trafficked into the fishing industry.  Following her rescue by BTCTE in 2012, she lived with a foster family.  Lizzie has impressed with her ambition and academic achievement as well as with her great warmth and kindness.  


Sampson is a 20 year old young man whom we rescued from the village of Awate Tornu in 2011.  BTCTE had built a school for the village in exchange for the release of 19 trafficked children from that village.  We have watched him grow from a troubled and angry child to an amazing young man.  He is now someone we rely on to help others.  Sampson struggled in school but has thrived in his training to become an electrician.  He has already passed his first exams and earned his commercial license. 

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