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"The Rescue List" is a poignant portrayal of the rescue and rehabilitation of three boys who had been enslaved on Lake Volta in Ghana.  What the film does not show is how the boys fared after reunification with their families; this story will be told by BTCTE.  In the summer of 2019, our staff in Ghana became aware that one of these boys was struggling to stay in school and was often hungry.  It became clear that all three boys needed additional support. BTCTE is helping these three boys and 100 other victims of trafficking achieve their educational and career goals.  BTCTE's commitment to long-term success means providing care until our children become self-sufficient adults. 


Michael Kwame Mikado's Story, ABC

abc 2.jpg

Above and Beyond by ABC

2014 BTCTE by MHS Alumni

Invisible Chains

Sam Liss 5k

Classroom Closeup

Breaking the Chain Through Education | Robbins | Steve Adubato | One-on-One

by Metuchen High School Students, 2017

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