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 Rescuing children, securing safety and

education, building bright futures

8th annual dinner sponsors

BTCTE thanks the following individuals and businesses for their generosity.

Platinum Title Sponsors - $6000+

Mitzi & Warren Eisenberg Foundation


The Bornstein/Zabel Family

Gold Sponsors - $3000

Silver - $1500

Alan & Mary Lazzara

Gil and Jackie Mayor

Ilberman Family Philanthropic Fund

Bronze - $500

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diamante logo.webp

Judy & Robert DeIasi

Maida and Hal Cherry

Barbara Bornstein

Clarissa and Harry Uvegi

Ben & Jean Alter

The Raab Family

Gil & Jackie Mayor

Stanley Gotlin & Barry Waldorf

Benefactor - $300

  • Susan Werk

  • Christina and Rick Bohm

  • The Gooen-Piels Family

  • Cantor Joel and Nancy Caplan

  • Marcia and Bob Kaplan

Contributor - $150

  • Stephanie and Alan Bonder  and Family

  • Resilience Therapy Collaborative

  • Bob and Marie Blistan

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