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Evan Robbins (Founder and CEO)

This project began at Metuchen High School in New Jersey, where he has been teaching social studies since 1997.  In 2006, in conjunction with his students, Evan created the Breaking the Chain Through Education (BTCTE) club. The club strived to rescue trafficked children in the fishing industry in Ghana, Africa. We achieved this through learning about the issue and then raising funds for organizations in Ghana (i.e. The International Organization for Migration) to rescue and rehabilitate victims of child trafficking. To help promote education and to free 20 trafficked children, BTCTE built a school in 2013 in the Village of Awate Tornu (the school was completed in exchange for the children’s release).


Recently, the mission of BTCTE shifted to providing long-term care to survivors of trafficking rather than focusing on rescuing more children. This change was based on the children’s demonstrated need for ongoing support to attain financial and emotional independence. While several organizations in Ghana concentrate their efforts on rescuing children, BTCTE is unique in its focus on long-term support. Currently, we are caring for 99 children/young adults by funding their education or entrepreneurial pursuits.  In addition to Evan spending time with each child every summer to assess their needs, our social workers visit the children regularly.  They monitor their continued progress toward academic or career goals, help them problem-solve and check on their mental and physical well-being. Evan has especially enjoyed the experience of watching these children grow from small children to young adults.  They jump into his arms, call him dad and some are overcome with emotion when they see him.  

 Rescuing children, securing safety and

education, building bright futures

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