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We'd like to introduce you to children we currently sponsor.

The Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the children.

Growing up through the years.


Prince was rescued in 2011 after being trafficked for 10 years.  Prince progressed quickly through elementary and Junior High School.  He is currently studying graphic design at a vocational school.  He's a hardworking student and does well in his classes.  Prince lives with his uncle, and helps to take care of his cousins before and after school, in his free time, he likes to play football with his best friend. 

Promise was rescued in 2011 and is currently thriving in Junior High School 1 (6th grade) at a boarding school. Promise shows tremendous compassion and leadership. While still in servitude, Promise spoke up for himself and other trafficked children to the village chief.  This led to the rescue of all three of the children.  Promise would like to be a pilot after he graduates from school.  In his spare time, he likes to perform in a cultural drumming group, where he's proven to be a very talented musician.  


Evan first met Jonah in 2012 after he was rescued by BTCTE.  Jonah's parents were unable to care for him, so he's been living with his elderly grandfather.  Jonah attended school and was an average student whose future dream was to become a rapper. Then he matured and became one of the top students in his class and the goalie of the school soccer team. However, what impressed Evan the most about Jonah was the compassion he showed toward his friend Jonah, a boy who was with him at the rehabilitation center following their rescue.  When Jonah heard that Joshua had left school to become an electrician, he expressed concern and tried to convince him to return to school.  In the end, Joshua remained in the electrical program and is thriving. Jonah is looking forward to starting secondary school in September. 

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