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Nainika's Manchapravesh Fundraiser


Child slavery is a form of modern-day slavery in which children are forced to work against their will in hazardous conditions, often for little or no pay. Child slavery is a serious violation of human rights and affects millions of children around the world. Children who are forced into slavery are denied their right to a childhood and an education. They are often subjected to physical and emotional abuse, working long hours in dangerous conditions that can lead to injury and illness. Many child slaves are also trafficked, kidnapped, or sold into slavery by their own families, or forced to work in industries such as agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. It is essential to address the root causes of child slavery, including poverty and lack of access to education and healthcare, and to enforce laws that protect children from exploitation and abuse.

I am really impressed with the work Breaking the Chain Through Education, a non-profit organization, has been doing to help eradicate child slavery in Ghana, Africa. I and my friends have been personally involved in some of the fund raisers for this organization through our dance academy, Metuchen Dance Center. You can learn more about this amazing organization at


For my Manchapravesh, I request you to consider supporting Breaking the Chain Through Education in this noble endeavor and help it support the victims of child trafficking in Ghana through education, housing, clothing and other basic necessities of life to make these children self-reliant in future.

Thank you very much,



About Nainika:

Nainika is an honor roll student entering her freshman high school year this fall. Nainika began her dancing at the age of three in both eastern and western dance forms. Since then, it has become her passion. Along with dancing, Nainika enjoys pencil sketching, teaching little kids at MDC’s dance studio and leading the Model UN club at her school, Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Edison.


Nainika deeply feels about the inequalities that exists in our communities and beyond. She believes that small changes can make big differences and urges everybody to devote time to service, whether within the community or beyond.

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